jue. Jul 29th, 2021

AirPods Max: Apple just dropped a surprise set of $549 ultra premium noise cancelling headphones. This is everything you need to know!

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Headphones provided by Apple for review.


43 comentarios en «AirPods Max Unboxing & Impressions: $550?!»
  1. Apple didn’t care about us when we bought them. They didn’t do any more software updates. No app for the special headphones. No sound adjustments. 🙁 what a waste of money it’s just a solid piece of design

  2. Biggest waste of money, lost me at lighting port to type c port, WHY TYPE C, JUST TO ADD MORE inconvenienCE!? no block but you can buy one for like 30 dollars? this is so stupid, thank apple for a another shi**y over priced money grab.

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