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I started my swingman collection in the mid-2000s, so I have experience in dealing with various manufacturers. In this video, we examine the adidas line of swingman jerseys.

The purpose of this video is to inform the community and potential buyers on what the key differences and some similarities are between the three generations of adidas NBA swingman jerseys. Don’t hesitate to comment if I forgot to mention anything.

I review over key factors over what makes a legitimate adidas swingman jersey. I understand some people may not mind if the jersey is legitimate or not (i.e., purchasing on AliExpress), but this video is targeted for the collectors who want to purchase the real deal in the aftermarket (e.g., eBay, Facebook Marketplace, etc.) and want to avoid getting potentially scammed. I see tons of sellers online trying to pose fake items as the authentic ones, and that really irks me as I have been on the wrong end of those transactions.

For reference, I’m 5’9″ with an approximate 42″ chest which gives you my rationale for the sizes that I generally collect and wear.

Feel free to leave any comments and questions below as I’m more than willing to help you out.

Por Eric

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  1. So the swingman timeline goes something like this for Adidas:

    1sr Gen-: 2006/2007- 2009/2010

    2ndGen: 2010/2011 – 2013/2014

    3rd Gen: 2014/2015 – 2016/2017

    Btw, I really liked the way you detailed each generation. Really appreciate your knowledge.

  2. I need some help on authentication from a Adidas swingman Jersey. It's an Olajuwon made in 2016 but it has the number and name stitched along with the nba/ adidas logo. It does have a qr code inside as well. Help!

  3. eric can i ask you something ? I wanna buy an adidas nba jersey but when i search I only find the fake ones and that dissapoints me ….. Can you tell me a good site that I can find one ? ( I am from Greece so i cannot go and buy one like you do in america) ( so i have to order one) PLEASE HELP ME BECAUSE I LOVE NBA AND I CANNOT ALWAYS AFFORD THE MONEY TO BUY A NIKE SWINGMAN JERSEY . Thanks a lot

  4. I wish I saw this video earlier man. I paid 150 for a fucking fake Jersey and I think about the money cuz I could've bought a real Jersey for the same price or even less 😔😔

  5. Hi how are you? I really like your content and its very helpful for someone who is starting his own collection as I am. I would like to ask you what is the material used for the numbers and team logo of the second generation jerseys? How do they feel when you touch them? Thank you very much, stay safe!

  6. Hey man, that's a great video, thanks for your help. I noticed that you bought a S for the 1st gen and then you kept buying M for the following ones. Is there any difference in sizes? Like, does the 1st gen S match with the 2nd gen M or is it because you grew up in the meantime? Haha thanks man

  7. Hey Eric, I recently acquired a 3rd gen Adidas Swingman Jersey, Dirk Nowitzki, My issue is everything hints that it's an authentic, however in the back Nowitzki and 41 aren't centered. The 41 is placed further to the right of Nowitzki. Would you say it's a defect or possibly a fake?

  8. Hey Eric, about to buy an Adidas (2nd gen) jersey from market place.

    I know the final year for 2nd gen is 2014, can u tell me the year that it started?

    I don’t know why but here in Australia there’s a wash tag of the manufacture year on the top kinda like the 1st gen.

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