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We hung with out the new #6 pick of the NBA draft, Josh Giddey!

Josh comes from Australia where he played in the legendary NBL. He’s tall, fast, and is an INSANE passer.

We linked up with Josh in LA to see how he was preparing for the draft, on and off the court. We caught his workout with Jordan Lawley, then rolled with him to the Daniel Patrick store so he could cop some drip. Later, he did a little photoshoot at a house in the hills!

Check out the vid to learn more about the #6 pick!

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44 comentarios en «How Josh Giddey Became The #6 NBA Draft Pick! Inside Australian's Life – Training, Shopping & More!»
  1. The only thing worrying right now is his ability to set his feet off the dribble. He's not the fastest, not the quickest, and that's why he plays the change-of-pace game like Gordon Hayward. But his shot is sooooo slow it's as if he doesn't have any confidence behind it.

    Everything else is solid for a rookie.

  2. Josh's Dad (Warrick) was a defensive specialist. He played fourteen seasons for the Melbourne Tigers alongside Andrew Gaze and Dave Simmons (Ben's Dad), won two championships and had his number retired.

  3. This guy a crazy story from not making the state team for basketball in under 15s to being drafted number 6. It’s the first time, you hear from someone from Australian making it after developing quite late compared to a lot of the younger prospect like Exum and Simmons.

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